Allure/name your brand click together durability

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I searched for flooring recommendations and the Allure click together planking seems to have been the winner but the thread was dated. How is the Allure or other brands of click together holding up?

I just put down an Allure floor last weekend with my son, for my father in law. It was a luxury vinyl.... not click together, but stick together. I was quite impressed with ease of installation and the look. I will def use it in my rentals over wood laminate in future!!

It's good stuff, but be sure to let the material acclimate to the room for a few days before install. Open the box so it's not air tight during this period.

The material is sensitive to the cold.

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I do not have personal experience in how it holds up, but my daughter had vinyl plank flooring in her home, bathroom and bedroom, not sure what brand or how thick, but has been there for 3-4 years, and it looks old and dated, actually shows marks from vacuuming.  She told us to check it out before installing in our latest rental, and after seeing hers, we decided against it.  Went with tile in kitchens and baths and just put in carpet in the rest.   We did put vinyl plank in all the closets before carpeting, 4mm, I think, so we won't have to carpet those, but happy we didn't use it throughout after seeing it in place, and glad we went with the tile where we did.