How do you coordinate cable and internet?

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What are best practices for having cable and Internet access set up at a rental property? Should it be up to the tenant, should it be up to you? 

I'm hoping to hack a duplex and I'm wondering how to go about this.

The tenant should be responsible for cable and internet. Your welcome letter (send out a couple of days before the move) should include the service providers in the area, however, you should make them put it in their name. The last thing that you want is for them to call you on Friday night at 6PM ... telling you the internet is out and you need to call the service provider. If it's in your name, you run risks like that (or worse, non-payment back to you).

I've found not allowing satellite dishes on their roofs is not a good idea. Often times lightwells and roof membranes can be punctured by installations without the proper water proofing. Coax cable lines usually run alongside the property and need minimal penetration. Hope that helps.   

we do not allow dishes on the roofs of the homes. The garage is fine but not the house. We urge them to tell the dish company to install a steel post in the lawn. Many people don't know companies do that at no charge. 

I do not do anything with internet though. All tenants dealings 

Great to know the negatives to satellite installations on the home. And also great to know this is one less thing I need to deal with. Thank you!

As previously mentioned, it is up to the tenant to deal with this.  I will sometimes have tenants new to the area ask me what providers service the area.

I have had one cable company contact me asking my permission to drill into the floor to connect a line.  I've never had a company providing dishes ask my permission to place one on the roof but my lease forbids this due to possible damage to the roof.


I do pay for internet for the duplex I am currently house hacking. I get a bump in the rent I charge, have a small tax write off, both flats don't come close to reaching monthly data cap limits and I don't notice a significant decrease in speed from multiple users.

The house is already set up for cable and dish, but neither flat has it. I might rip it out someday and rewire, as the wires do run along the side of the house instead of through the exterior walls, which is really simple to do in a balloon frame house.

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