Worked with Real Property Mananegment Indianapolis Edge

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Has anyone worked with real Property Management Indianapolis Edge? If so, what what your experience?

That's RPM....I've never worked with them but I have never heard anything bad. I think they have a minimum charge though.

If you're looking for a second option... We're out of town owners and have had great success with Brick Lane Property Management in Indy.

Horrible!  Worst I have experienced. 

They managed two of my properties (I should say gravely mismanaged).  One of my tenants stopped paying.  Instead of engaging with the tenant, they filed for eviction immediately.  During that time, my other tenant reported mold in the basement.  You would think a normal property management would have walked the unit and discovered it (especially when they claim to offer a free initial inspection).  well, they did not. Worse, they sent me a single bid worth 18,000 USD (not three with options... one that detailed work I had not asked).  Did they get a backpay? Can't say but 18K cost for mold remediation is insane!  I called a certified mold remediation company myself and had it taken care of for 4K.  

Because of this complete lack of good judgment, I could not longer trust them. I fired them.  Instead of simply moving on, the guy in charge added fake charges to the final statement and abusive early termination fees (despite a contractual agreement that prevents them to do so). 

Theses guy should NOT be trusted with the management of your properties.  They are NOT good people.  They get a 0 out of 5.    STAY AWAY!


PS: Guess what happened to my non-paying tenant? The new property management company engaged with the tenant who immediately paid $3.5K in back rents and has been current since... 

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