Housecleaning complimentary?

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Hi group- I own a 3 family that is turned over frequently (college town). And I'm wondering if anyone has included house cleanings every month with the rent.. I'm thinking it'll give me a leg up on looking at the place and preparing my inevitable repairs AND perhaps attract a better tenant? Let me know what you think

Many landlords perform periodic inspections to check for leaks, HVAC filter changes, smoke alarm batteries, general lease compliance, among other items; so, that provides the opportunity to see the unit and you do not need house cleanings for that.

Regarding cleaning, I would suggest that is a different business than REI and REI and obtaining market rent is hard enough as it is without complicating matters.

For a set of college students living in the house, I think it is a genius idea. No one likes cleaning and even with a cleaning schedule, it probably rarely gets done. Keep it simple, vacuum the common areas, quick scrub on the bath and kitchen. Don't go into the bedrooms.

If you can hire it out and still make money, I think it will set your house apart from the rest.

Not a good idea. A young cleaner doesn't want to clean up after other young people and a mature cleaner is viewed as just another meddling adult in their lives. Let the kids work it out among themselves, it's part of growing up. However, do a fire/safety inspection every 2-3 months with proper notice and stay on them to keep the place clean. Drop off a goodie basket of cleaning supplies at the time while mentioning the property is free of mice and roaches and you want it to stay that way. Good luck.

Thanks Mikes- I may try it out just to show the tenants I care more about their property but can see the other side of responsibility, pricing to market, etc.. appreciate the feedback all

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