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Our onsite manager likes to earn extra money by cleaning vacant units and I'm fine with that. I was wondering if most cleaning jobs are paid for by the hour or the job.

I am already paying him for 40 hours of management per week. He does the cleaning during the week. He puts together a list of what he has done and the hours that he has worked in the unit. As we are rehabbing all vacancies right now, we give  him a unit that has new paint, new counters and new flooring and sometimes new sinks. He still must wash windows (2), toilet, stove and range hood window screens and of course wipe down all the new counters and floors.  Typically he documents his work at 10 hours or so. I've been paying him $10 per hour which is minimum wage in California. Am I being too cheap? I would not work for that wage but he is getting double pay as he is being paid as a manager and a cleaner.

Any thoughts?

Is he doing the cleaning work, after hours as manager? Or are you letting him do it between and during his managing responsibilities?

I personally would say I'm prepared to pay $XXX per unit for cleaning, flat rate.

The property I managed had several people that did turn work, building cleaning halls, laundry rooms, they received a set flat rate per apartment to clean 1 br. was XXX. 2 br was XXX. and to care for a building it was XXX per building per month.

And manger if they wanted could clean and do the work but had to be after hours of regular job.

Its really up to you, but his cleaning work shouldn't interfere with managing duties.

Thanks, @Deanna McCormick . Yes, he is cleaning during work hours which means he's getting double payment essentially. I think your way of paying a set amount per job would work better, except there can be so much difference between the jobs. There are some turnovers where you know the bathtub was never cleaned during the tenancy and then we have those OCD cleaners. I want to be careful to not overreact to what is very little money. I know my job is to manage the manager but I'm unsure sometimes how to go about doing it so things are fair to all parties. I would love more input on how to deal with onsite managers. This is there first management job and I'm a novice also.

You never know what to expect with a turnover unless you pre inspect 2 weeks before a tenant moves out so you can judge what's needed to be done. We gave a pre inspection charge sheet and said if this isn't done your charge for cleaning will be $$ for this item. Our apartments were usually left pretty good.

YA some units were a breeze and only might need a quick touch up. Those are bonus units to the turn cleaners, and others take more time. 

Our turn cleaners didn't paint or shampoo only did the cleaning, After painter was done, and before carpets shampooed they did it all . We supplied cleaning supplies and had check out services that did this type of work, we paid about $75.00 for 1 BR and 95.00 for 2br..difference was only like 2 windows. That's equal to 7.5 hrs 1br and 9.5 hrs 2 br. @ 10.00 an hour.

I'd check and see what he's charged per unit now and see what he's averaging per unit for cost against what I listed above so you can see what's price per unit now

Honestly I think your overpaying him allowing him, to do both jobs at the same time, any issues with his management responsibilities is he still doing his best managing your property, or is he missing calls

If you like the arrangement you have keep it. if not and your questioning costs get some bids. 

I checked your profile and you have a 70 unit building. If this is the building your manager is cleaning then I'd for sure get another body in. 

It's better to have 2 eggs ( 2 able bodies to do the work) than 1 in your basket. If he decides to quit your out a manager and turn cleaner.. 

Add another person to do turn work, and give that person set price, per unit, and let your manager know your costs are eating you alive and you have to get things in control and don't let him screen who your hiring.

Live in people already in your units might want to do work, we had a great retired couple that did cleaning. I put up a posting by the rent drop box. a rent deduction was great way, some were on fixed income and this helped them out a lot I did rent concession so no cash traded hands. 

I had 4 turn cleaners that lived onsite, for 120 unit complex and we usually had 8 to 10 turns month. I tried to be as even as possible when I gave assignments out for cleaning if they were in same building then they got first dibs. And they also did building monthly cleaning laundry rooms, entries and common areas. for 150.00 to 200 off rent a month depending on building size. 

@Deanna McCormick You bring up a good point. This is a husband and wife team and I'm more concerned that he will hurt himself than he will quit. She does all the office work and he does the most of the tenant interactions--and most of the cleaning. They did go on a six week vacation one year ago and I had to call in the reserves to keep the cleaning up. The hardest part was I had to get two new renters in. Makes me appreciate the work they do!  Thank you for your great advice. Really, really appreciate it!

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