Tenant says there seeing rats ?

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Trying to figure out the best way to handle this ?

Tenant mentions to me yesterday that she thinks she has mice or rats in the house then today she calls and puts me on the phone with an Okin pest control sales guy

The guy is telling me the attic is showing signs of rodent droppings and telling me we need to be on a monthly maintenance $68 a month?

Who should be responsible for this me or the tenant ?

Hi @Mark Weinstock . This probably isn't too worrisome: Now that the weather is getting cooler, critters are looking for warm places to camp out.

Since the attic is a part of the home where it's likely the tenant didn't directly cause the problem, we generally take responsibility as the landlord. The problem is usually that rodents have gnawed their way through a soffit to gain access. As landlords, we need to be hyper-sensitive to any threat to the integrity of the structure.

However, I'd recommend you get your own pest control folks to do an assessment and give you a quote. You want someone who either has a relationship with you or at least would value one.

I already don't like the sales guy your tenant contacted. The quote should cover exclusion (sealing the access points so no new critters can enter) and trapping (to catch any rodents trapped inside). Once this is done, there should be no need for monthly maintenance.

Good luck!

I've just dealt with a rat problem in a SFR. It was one of those things where one thing leads to another and on and on. I paid for everything because I wanted it done properly. Rats can be quite hard on a home. With us we closed up every single hole we could find, did some roof work to block openings in edge of tiles and put in a new garage door because the old one had space on the sides that was allowing them to enter. It was a process that took a while. It's been a month and I have no new complaints from the tenant. The pest control person I hired gave me a guarantee that is good for a number of months--can't remember how many. He was great, setting traps and checking them frequently. It was not an easy problem to cure.

What did they charge you for that service ?

Your TENANT called Orkin?  Did you give them permission to do so?


@Gail K. A tenant doesn't need anyone's permission to use their own phone.

I would go ahead and take care of it. A one time fee.

I would take care if it Asap.Ask any friends for a reputable pest control guy. Try to have him work "off the clock" so you can get a cheaper price, and add him to your Team!

"A tenant doesn't need anyone's permission to use their own phone."

Very funny.  


Actually they did call me first telling me they were going to call Orkin out then called me again and had me talk to the guy 

Having rodents in the house it definitely something I take seriously and I'm on it

I own several multi-Family buildings which contains around 21 Apts.

I don't allow the tenants to first use a Pest Control as the first line of defense.

What I do is get a Contractor to Close up the holes first.

Then I give the tenants an electronic device which zaps the critters dead when they enter into the trap. The one I use is called a Rat Zapper linked here: The Rat Zapper

That particular Trap works so well, that it normally takes care of the rodent problems as long as the tenants do not mind getting rid of the dead mouse.

I usually never have to go to the next step which would be to hire an exterminator. I only do that if someone tends to panic but it's more psychological.

Anyway, you can read the reviews yourself and determine what you want to do.

However, this is the least expensive way to start and it allows you to progressively manage the situation until you would have to go on to something more expensive.

Maybe others who have used a device like the Rat Zapper I linked can verify it's effectiveness. However, for me and my tenants, it does a good job.

Investor Llew

Great post Homedepot carries the zaper

They also carry the cheaper Victor brand Electo Trap also 

For $60 Orkin say they will send out a certified exterminator that will do all the dirty work of finding and sealing all the entry holes and go and climb around up in the attic not to bad deal

I wasn't speaking of something as simple. This tenant cleared off about 20X20 ft of my property that had a lot of trees & shrubbery, built on to the house & cut out my entire pantry which now is an entire open space in my wall from the living room leading into the kitchen??? 

With my tenants help and a few traps I provided, we took care of a mouse problem. I learned on YouTube how to spot entry locations. I always like to learn and save money. Only have a few houses, so not ready to give money to someone else to catch mice.

Have someone do the initial inspection and close up all the openings. Following that simply keep containers (salmon or tuna tins) of warfarin in the attic and you will not have any farther problems.

warfarin  ?

Whats that do ?

Originally posted by @Thomas S. :

Have someone do the initial inspection and close up all the openings. Following that simply keep containers (salmon or tuna tins) of warfarin in the attic and you will not have any farther problems.

This post has been removed.

Warfarin is rat/mouse poison. Most building supply stores have it. No good landlord should ever be without it.

Still having a rat problem can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonable pest control in south Florida Broward area ?

Originally posted by @Christine Swaidan :

I found my guy on Yelp. 

 What did it cost you ?

Here in Florida I'm getting quotes upwards of $800

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