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Hi all,

I have a question regarding what appliances do investors provide in their SFR rentals for the Hammond Indiana area (currently rehabbing a 3:1 SFR in 46323). Do you provide appliances like stove, hood w/microwave, W/D, dishwasher or do you only provide some items? Do you require the renter to supply their own appliances? This is my first property and would not want to over supply for the market area.


Here in good ol' PA, we rent fridge, stove, washer, dryer to those who need them for $20 per piece/per month. With that, we buy them, clean them, install them, repair them or replace them as required; the tenant simply pays us the monthly fee and does nothing else.

We have found this to be our most profitable income stream. Used appliances can be purchased on Craigslist and make you money very quickly. We usually pay up to $100-150 for a fridge; at $20 a month, its paid for in about 6 months, and we usually have them in service for years. 

We also have used new appliances on occasion. @Lowes or Home Depot, you can get  new fridge for about $450 delivered. So we charge $25 per month for new. Takes longer to pay off, but lasts longer.

Renting appliances makes us money, is a convenience for the tenant, is actually far less per month than what they would pay through Rent-A-Center, and there's no moving-in, moving-out, beating up my unit nonsense every time. And they don't have to pay for the hookups, which we don't pay for (if they bring their own electric dryer and we have a gas line, they have to pay to have the electric wiring installed).

It is a big winner for us.

Good luck. Tim


I'm in Crown Point, so I know hammond well. I like Tim's idea. However, I don't think Hammond is the place to "rent" appliances to your tenants.  They will most likely be strapped just paying the rent. Plus, what will you do if they pay the rent, but can't afford the appliances? Are you really going to have someone go over there and take them out? If you do, where will you store them? Who will pick them up and how much will it cost you? How do you think your tenants will feel about you, if you take them out? You can go to numerous places in the area and get used appliances for very reasonable prices. We give the tenants everything, except a microwave. Just my opinion! 

@Fernando Galvan -   For the best used appliances in that area, I go to "Things N More" appliance thrift store in Gary. They have great prices and offer a fair warranty.

I've bounced this back n forth. I've had tenants trash appliances and have thought that if they own them, they'll take better care of them. But if they own them, I don't care what care they provide them. At the same time, I think you shrink the rental pool when someone sees a house without appliances. It's an additional expense for them. Currently I supply appliances. I may try an option. Rent is $1000 without appliances and $1050 with appliances. If they pick the later, I'll go get some nice used appliances to provide them. Recoup that money in just a couple of months. 

Thanks all for your input. i'm leaning towards supplying all appliances to the tenant. Less headache for them and also less chance of them causing issues when they bring in and install appliances. 

One last point Fernando. We don't run over there and take them out of the unit, as @Scott Steffek suggested. And we are aware that tenants don't value things as they do when they own them, as @Adrien S. knows. We are in a very economically depressed area here; most of our tenants are Section 8 or Social Security, so helping the poor is the idea. When we rent, we ask, "do you have your own appliances?" If they don't, they can rent from us, and we simply add the appliance rental to the apartment rental to get their monthly total rent. If they fail to pay rent, then, we simply move to get them out. If the appliances are trashed-and they usually are left a mess, we clean and re-use or replace. My point is simple: renting to low-income folks has its challenges, cash flow being one of them. We use appliance rentals to supplement our monthly cash flow and make a profit. Everyone wins.

I provide appliances in my unit in Hammond.  The pool of applicants grows with appliances already installed.  I wouldn't trust them installing them anyways, they'd probably have a gas leak for a year or something else haha.  Never buy new, but good used appliances.  Its Hammond tenants, so you're getting C area renters remember.  More wear and tear than say, St John, IN residents.  

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