Best Practice for Time Stamping Photos for Walkthroughs/Damages

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Hello all,

I had a general question about time stamping photos, I was wondering what everyone's best practice was for time stamping photos during the move-in & move-out process with tenants. I'm not sure if I'm thinking too much into it, but do you use a newspaper or something in addition to your camera/phone to prove time stamped photos. 

My cautionary thinking was that with technology it's not to difficult for someone to change the time stamp on digital photos. I was wondering if anyone had foolproof ways of time stamps and if anyone had any experience or stories about being challenged in small claims court.  I know it's a stretch, but just curious, and wondering how everyone protects themselves. 


You can set a digital camera to time stamp the date on the corner of the photo. then if you print it out you have it. 

My cell phone doesn't have this option, but maybe it's an application that could be added.

I've not experienced a challenge regarding a photo for documenting status of move in or move outs and I also take photo of apartment door partially open showing unit number.

iPhones automatically date images. You can screen-cap them from your phone with the date and time.

@Deanna McCormick of course! Here's my two-year-old on Halloween with the date and time :)

You can also easily crop the photo with just the date and time if needed.

@Paul McCormick Jr  I've recently started documenting the condition of the house via an email exchange with the tenants. I'll take photos of the overall condition of the house, and then specific photos of any items the tenants want annotated. I'll then send those photos to the tenants via email with an open/read receipt and require they respond that they accept the house in its present condition. All communications via email are date/time stamped so it leaves very little room for dispute in court.

when you do the move-in, shoot a one minute video (or head shot) of the new tenant with the the signed form and keys, you saying congratulations in the background. If you do a move-out, do the same, showing the tenant agrees with the issues and has signed. Keep the signed form and the video together in a folder, under that address, on your goggle drive. Easy, secure, can email or download again if needed.

Good luck, tim

I email the pictures to myself so there is a record of when they were done 

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