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I am actually Rip`s wife. I was listening to some BP podcasts while driving. In of them the woman in it mentioned an app she uses for maintenance jobs in her properties out of state. She said it was an app where you post a job in the area you have the property and people interested in doing the job bid on it. I don`t remember the podcast number or the woman`s name in it. So I was wondering. Has anyone heard about an app like that? Is it indeed or a different app specific for construction or maintenance jobs? I appreciate any help trying to figure this out! Thanks!

Hi @Rip Rittell 's wife! The app you're describing sounds like First you define a job you need done and then contractors bid for the work. We used them recently on an HVAC job and were very pleased with how quickly we were able to reach quality contractors. You'll still want to screen all responders for things like licensing and certification. You'll probably want to get references as well.

I can confirm that Thumbtack is an incredible app. I use it very frequently.

There is also and AngiesList

Hope that helps

Sites like thumbtack and are neat and probably work well in bigger cities but I've had much better luck using local facebook groups to find people to do work.

I am new for the site and it took me a while to find this thread again. Thank yall so much for the answers! I forgot to say my name. My name is Viviane. Thanks again!

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