Interior Paint Color for Rental

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I am looking for two-tone combinations for interior paint colors.  I'd prefer beige walls and white ceilings and trim.  Prefer Lowe's (SW) due to arrangement with my handyman.  

Sherwin williams Realist beige code SW6078 is great. I just used it on my last rehab and its a great greige. Neutral and modern.

I use Medici Gray from Walmart with white Trim on all my properties, tenants are happy with it and I get compliments from people all the time.

We have had a lot of luck with SW 7017 Dorian Gray

We also like SW 7511 Bungalow Beige 

Great looking all around.  Think I'll talk with the Sherwin-Williams folks tomorrow.  I'll follow up with an update.  Please continue to offer suggestions.  And still leaning towards Beige :)

Please note, any color, can be color matched at any paint store, so all you need is the color code

I go to Menards, home depot, lowes and can get their house brand paint matched to any sherwin williams color or any other brand. If you have a corporate account you can call the color in and have it mixed and get your painter to pick it up which worked great for me at Sherwin Williams. 

I've been using "Wiskers" color code #531-4  any one can mix it, in any type of paint semi gloss, flat, eggshell, latex or enamel. its a grey tan color.. is amazing blends well with any tone carpet or wood floor and the white trim really is awesome. I've painted 3 houses interiors and used " Moth Gray as second color in some rooms to give a slight variation. .. Originally all were Dutch Boy color codes. I used a Home interior decorator to help pick out this color and it is amazing. 

I buy the Conco brand contractors grade in 5 gallon buckets  at Menards and it's the best value, for interior latex.

I keep it simple and go with  a linen white in my rentals with white baseboard.

Like many others in this thread, I'm a fan of light tan/beige and light gray (not together in the same house). I did one house in white and gray and I really liked it, very modern.

Gray and white seems to be the current trend atm. It looks very contemporary. Of course cant go wrong with beige and white.

sw walls are Repose Gray. Trim is Folkstone. 

Our hallway, living room, and bedrooms colors are Benj. Moore's REvere Pewter for walls and BM's Dove White for trim.  I am posting before and after pics from a recent reno.  The pewter color looks darker in this pic that it is due to the lighting,but you get the idea.  Good luck! 

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