Why do tenants have to beat up mini blinds

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Anyone else have this same problem and what do you do to fix this issue

You won't change tenants, so you might change the blinds.

I like the "project source" blinds at Lowes. They are pretty tough, look good, and are much more substantial and thicker than the thin plastic blinds.

People on here seem to love mini blinds but they are cheap for a reason. I put 2 inch faux wood blinds in my rental and have yet to have a single problem. I'm not in there fixing broken blinds, and it separates me from my competition.

At $5 each at Home Depot I go in knowing these will need to be replaced. If you put in more expensive blinds they might last through two tenants but will need to be replaced as well. 

Charge it back to the tenants at the end of the lease. 

@Steve Haines What class of tenant are you dealing with in the units where the blinds are damaged?

all class tenants destroy my mini blinds I do charge upon departure. Just looking for ideas of something that will last longer.

The metal ones do last longer; however, you are then faced with cleaning them of dust and dirt.  Some will do this in the bathtub; some will take them outside and hose them off.

Frankly, for me it's easier to purchase the cheapo Lowes plastic blinds and replace them between tenants.


My wife is rough on blinds, not sure this is entirely a tenant issue? 

There is a learning curve using blinds, people get impatient and that causes problems, more so with either old or cheap blinds. 

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