Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer / provided or not?

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When you are getting ready to rent a single family home, do you provide a Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer? Or is it ok to expect them to bring their own?

Depends on your market. Look on craigslist/Zillow and/or call the owners of other rentals, ask if they supply them. If no one supplies it, and you do it may give you a leg up over competition, or tenants may show up expecting to use their own and you have to store everything. If you don't supply and others do, it may make your property less desireable.

Very market dependent.

I see you are in Rockwall.

Refrigerators are pretty much expected in DFW.  Washer/Dryer are more of a 50/50.  But you will probably have an easier time finding a tenant if you provide them as there are more tenants who need them versus those that have them. 

like others are saying,, market dependent and rent price to reflect what is or not included..

I would say kitchen is a yes by landlord, fridge, stove, dishwasher.. If for any reason you have to move it out, it stays on location and is kept in basement or garage,, and if fridge has water line for ice maker,, then drain that so it won't freeze up and crack if stored during winter, smallest line can cause the biggest headache they are hard to winterize. 

Same with clothes washer ,, people move them all the time,, winter needs to be drained and antifreeze RV fluid ran thru so pump won't freeze up.. or your washer will be ruined.

Price unit with,, and without if someone has there own. but moving in and out will be a service fee.. 

All of our houses come with fridge and stove.  A couple have built in microwaves.  One has a stackable washer and dryer that was there when we bought it.  We have had tenants ask to provide their own stuff, I'm happy to let the do so.