Is anyone advertising rentals directly to a military base

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I bought a 4plex that will be completed soon and it is located 5 minutes away from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. I tried looking for the Tinker website but don't see an easy way to advertise my rentals to the base. Is anyone advertising to a military base and if so, how are you doing it? I plan on posting ads to and Craigslist but I was curious if anyone out there is advertising directly to a military base?

military members love craigslist.... You could try reaching out to MWR or housing/personal goods and ask them if they have a internal message board they could post it to? Also, I'm sure a bigger base might have a FB group that you could join...

I have not, but I will give you a tip. The base post office has a community board and it has high volume going in and out.

I am not positive on how Tinker has their mail set up but when I was in the military all the airmen in the dorms had PO boxes in the post office on base to check mail.

These will be the people that are trying to get off base due to rank or overcrowding in the dorms. Along with airmen in the dorms, families that live in base housing that want to move off base.

If your looking for civilian employees to fill your units, they have community boards pretty much in every building on base. Getting someone to go around and post them all over bldg 3001, the mile long building, would be a good start.

i think if you get it on zillow and craigslist you will get found by any military folks looking for a place.  they seem to find us there.