Your best showing times

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Hello folks,

So, we've all had our troubles with no-shows, etc. and everyone has their own system to mitigate it.  This morning, despite my own precautionary steps, I hit a new low:  4 cancellations and a no show out of 5 scheduled.

I'm trying to decide if it might be the day/time.  These were for 9:30am Sunday morning.  I'm wondering if everyone woke up this morning with a hangover and called to cancel.

Have you noticed that certain days/times are better for "prospective tenant follow through" when it comes to appointment times?  Are weeknights better?  Weekend days?  Have you found a "sweet spot?"

@Wesley W. our best times are actually through the week during that 2-4pm spot. Monday's and Friday's are usually not good either 

We conduct "open houses", and allot a two hour window for all to come and see, it also kicks them in the ---- to make a decision 

Hi @Wesley W. For over a decade, we've conducted rental viewings remotely, by placing a combination lockbox on the door, scheduling individual appointments, and then talking folks through opening the lockbox (via cellphone) only when they actually show up.

As of today, we've scheduled over 5000 viewings this way. Of those, about 3000 actually showed up.

For the record, this is almost exactly the same attendance ratio we had back when we did face-to-face showings: About a third will schedule and then never show up, regardless of what you do!

The key is to develop a system that doesn't commit your precious time and resources until you are certain the viewing will happen. No-shows and cancellations cost us about 5 minutes of phone time; Successful viewings cost us 10 minutes.

And, no, you being present at the viewing is not a positive for the prospect: They know what a kitchen looks like and where the bathrooms are. And, if not, they'd rather discover them for themselves, without you hovering over them.

Ask me how I know all of this... 🙂

We also do open house showings, and do not bother scheduling them 15 minutes apart.  We show in teams, so one of us can be showing while the other is answering application questions, verifying ID, etc.    We actually set up a card table and a couple of chairs so applicants can fill out applications on the spot, and we bring a small copier so we can copy ID, pay stubs, etc.   The best time of day for us tends to be around 4:30-5pm on a weekday evening.  People can stop by on their way home from work. (It is easy to tell who actually works !)

We market on Zillow.  When we get the "Please send more more information" inquiry, we send another very detailed email back to the prospect.  This second email details our rental qualifications, and requests a second email if the person is still interested and believe they would qualify. If they respond to this second email, we invite them to the open house showing. 

Our last vacancy was in June.  We ended up having 2 open house showings.  13 people were supposed to show up for the second showing -- only 3 showed up!  But we ended up with 2 highly qualified applicants, so we had to disappoint one applicant, and it was hardly a waste of time.

I have a 20 minute drive to do a show so I want them to show up, as you do. I put my screening requirements in my add and let them sort themselves out. I talk to them on the phone to set up a show, more screening. I ask them what time works good for them and tell them if I can make it or not. Last turn over everyone showed up. Knock on wood.