Tree Removal Service in Indianapolis

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Hello, I was told by my property manager that I need to cut 2 trees off  my rental property in Indianapolis. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, not expensive tree removal company?


Sorry Alex, I wish I could help.  We are looking or one myself.  I'll keep you informed if we find anything here in Indy.

I have a guy. Typically I get a quote from a large company in Indy and then he takes 20% off. He doesn't do technology (email or text) and doesn't really do phone calls. I could try to help line him up for you. PM me and I'll help you both out.

Hey Alex & Brett,

I would recommend JR's Affordable Tree Service. Shoot me a PM and I will pass along his contact details.


I've used Fred and Son's 3 times and gotten excellent work at a great price.

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