Sample rental agreement for SELF STORAGE/mtm

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Good evening BP.

I'm hoping you can point me to a sample/template of a rental agreement for SELF STORAGE SPACE, month-to-month.

I couldn't find what I am looking for in the BP fileplace.

Thanks in advance!

I heard someone suggest this a 5x5 at your local competition and see how their lease is set up. It will also give you insight towards your competition; how well their sales pitch is, facility overall appearance, other unit prices, move-in specials offered, etc. This can also help determine where your facility stands with the competition and adjust accordingly. (Would be even better if a big reit is in your area because their leases are air tight).

Also, if you have a relationship with a property manager you can see if they will share theirs. 

Get an attorney to review in either scenario. 

Anyone find a form that serves as a good template for a storage unit? I have one storage unit as part of a rental in a mixed use (commercial/residential) building? Does anyone know if you would have to go through the typical eviction procedure if I got unlucky and wound up in a circumstance where the tenant stopped paying?