Fence issue with neighbors. Rental home.

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looking at the property line it is exactly between the two property. Issue is they have dogs that is ruining the fence which is why I never changed that side of the fence out. Their dogs have digged under and gotten through and in the end it's time to replace. I'm willing to replace it but worried their dogs will ruine it.

Option one would be to replace it and make sure they understand that if they ruine it by their dogs, they will be responsible for repair. Write some kind of agreement?

Option two. Put another fence towards my side and leave the old one but that is a risk of the old fence falling on it and of course their dogs still ruining it. 

Never dealt with this and I have renters in the home and seems like a safety issue now as the panels can fall anytime. Thoughts and advice please?

They say it's not theirs which I just found out today. They have 3 dogs running around. 

How are the dogs ruining the fence?  If they are digging under it I wouldn't consider it wrecked.  Honestly as long as the new fence would look good on your side of the property I wouldn't worry about it too much.  The fence getting rough looking on the otherwise would more so impact their view and value than yours.

It's not cosmetic that I am concern, it's more of panels have fallen, and it's only been patch work for years. They are ruining it by broken piece of wood from the panels. Using random metal sheets to cover up holes. It actually fell on the renters boat so my renters had to relocate their boat.

If the panels are falling off, they weren't put together very well to begin with. Dogs can do a lot of damage, but making the panels fall down? Only if they are digging out the posts, which should be 2 feet deep and full of concrete. 

As for responsibility: if the fence is not at all on their property, their dogs are trespassing and damaging your property. You would have grounds for a small claims court action. 

I would spend the bucks and get someone over and verify where the lot line markers are.. That will tell you if fence is yours or theirs.. they might be saying it's yours because it's in need of repair.. . 

Chain link would be my choice if dogs are damaging the wood fence. 

Otherwise add next fence inside your lot line by 6 inches.. and if damaged charge them for repairs.. 

Or if it's your fence and it's as bad as you say.. simply take it down.. your not required to have a fenced yard.. they are required to contain their pets.. and doing this would make them either put up their own fence or have their dogs run off and then you'd call animal control to take them away...

we had a fence, thought it was on our side of lot line, we were doing a project on our house had to have lot lines marked and found out fence was askew front ok, but by the middle it was totally on neighbors lot. neighbor made us tear it out..