Inherited tenants with a handshake lease

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I just purchased 6 single family home where 2 are occupied. They had a handshake deal, are behind on rents with previous owner and keep the homes a complete mess. How do I go about explaining the new rules ( No trash on front porch, Late pmts = eviction, etc) Don't want to start a war.


@David Oxandale Get them to sign a lease with you or evict them at the earliest possible opportunity under your state's laws. In Texas, they would be considered in a month to month lease, so I would give them a lease and a 30 day notice at the same time and ask them to sign one. 

you can avoid a war while still dealing with an uncomfortable situation. RE isn't always fun.

You could send a lease agreement, make sure they know the deal then evict them when they inevitably break it.

I personally would skip that and just move to evict. Harsh yes, but you aren't going to change this relationship dynamic, easier for all parties to just start fresh. 

If you choose to work it out, you're going to have a very difficult and hostile uphill battle.

Thanks for your input. I will be meeting with them this week and let you all know the outcome. I'm sure someone will learn from this experience in addition to myself.

Thanks BP your awesome!