Remotely Managing a STVR

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Hi, everyone! 

First, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me in the past. I realize I've been posting a lot, recently, but I got the RE bug! 

Today I have some questions regarding STVR management. I am very interested in this possibility. I think we may have stumbled upon a deal that would make this happen. However, it is 4+ hours away from where we live. 

My question is this; how can I find a trustworthy cleaning person? I will stay at the airbnb at least once (probably more) to come behind and check that everything was properly taken care of, but I can't make that trip constantly. Any tips from anyone who has done this before? Thank you! 



The internet is your friend here.  Research local and highly rated cleaning services that specialize in frequently cleaning rental properties.  The more reviews the better!  I would recommend a company that has a system in place for scheduling.  A company that is reliable and knows when to be there will be the biggest challenge.

Once you have a few potentials in place, give each of them a call and see how they conduct business.  You will be able to tell a tremendous amount about the company and how they operate with one simple phone call.

I thought remote property management was hard too. The past few years, we have been struggling maintaining our properties out of country. It's hard to find a good property management company. We ending up hiring our office lady, leasing agent, cleaning people, lawn care, superintendent or handy man, and outsourcing all those jobs that we couldn't do remotely. 

We search online and also post our own ads to get applicants, interview them, try on the ones we like, if the trial is good, we keep using them.

Now I think being remote is not a problem, as long as we make finding right people and setting up the right system as our one thing, spend more time online to build the local network. Once you find good crew, everything becomes under control.

You not only need cleaning people, also maintenance guy stand-by? Since the turn over of STVR is very frequent, you will need somebody or company that is organized, so you won't delay your next rental or customer satisfaction because the apt is not cleaned. You also need a handy man or maintenance staff to stand by in case of repairs. I am not sure in STVR, how would the renter report repairs if there is any, any they will only be there few days.

Hope it encourages you!

It definitely would help to have a person/service that automatically imports your airbnb/vrbo calendar, so they know when each turnover is without you having to call each time. Anything to streamline the process and create a self-propelled system is what we want here. Also that's a good point about having a reliable, organized handyman on call. If a tenant reports something wrong with the unit, you need that fixed immediately (depending on the severity) and you may lose business from any delays in repair.

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