Parking Lot Problems

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I have a tenant who is very nice, pays on time, and keeps the unit in great shape.  She is one royal pain in the *** though.  I honestly feel like a slum lord after I hear from her because there are complaints about absolutely everything.  I maintain my properties, I am timely with service calls, and her unit has recently been renovated.  

At this particular property, I have a vacant unpaved lot across the street where my tenants park.  Some neighborhood kids play there, some rocks may get dug up, and there may be some glass from time to time. We go by once a week or so to make sure everything is in order, but this one tenant continues to complain over and over again about the lot. 

There really isn't anything that I can physically do unless I physically see the kids there.  A no trespassing sign will be a futile effort.  I advised the tenant to call the police if she fears that her vehicle may be damaged by the actions of the teenagers in the lot.  It should be noted that there have been no break ins or vandalization.  

I am sure that there is an angle that I am not considering here.  What recommendations if any does anyone have? 

Is she paying for the parking, is it in her lease, does she have any "right" to park there? If not, maybe you can restrict her access and allow her to park in the public parking.

Go the extra mile and Post the property Private Parking, No Trespass, Unauthorized cars towed.. you should contact a towing company in your area and they will probably give you a free sign to put up.

Even posted it will probably be a kids place to hang but now easier to enforce once posted.

I also suggest a park at your own risk sign like you see in the grocery store. Notify her you have posted no trespassing. Simply say we have done the posting and this is what we can do. Redirect these type of complaints to business hours, in writing. If it is a big problem for her offere hee the option to leave.

Mark, it is not included in her lease. I left it open ended in case an issue arrived, and it is a courtesy available to her. I explained that street parking is an option available to her.

Sounds like some people you will never please,, We've actually told tenants that this is the best we are able to do and if you'd be happier living someplace else we would give you a great reference. 

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