Replacement window - $1100?!?!

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Replacing a window in a condo built in the 60s. It's a custom size window. Where should we go for this? Any suggestions? 

Quotes we've received are between $1100-1250 - have to believe I'm calling the wrong places.

Help please....

it really depends on the size of the windows.

I just replaced my windows for a rental property, it was 12 windows for around 3500

Hi, I have used American Windows. It looks like they have a place near you. 

American Windows & Siding of Virginia

  • 5609 Sandy Lewis Dr
    Fairfax, VA 22032

Hopefully they'll give you a lower quote than you've received. BP isn't letting me post their phone number.

Windows can get expensive. Is it vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum? Is the condo on a high floor? Sometimes the labor costs (removal, installation, disposal) can skyrocket on high-rises. 

Here is a quick calculator I found online. I hope it helps

Telling us the size rather than a vague "a custom size" would help. Are you getting quotes on an impact rated or non-rated window? 

@JR T. It sounds expensive, I’d guess $400 - $800 but that’s just a guess. Custom sizes, casing, shapes, etc. all make a difference. Not that I’ve replaced a ton of windows in my time. I’d ask around the condo complex, you’ll figure it out pretty quick. You also want to make sure they don’t mess up the stucco, outer look, etc.

Multiple quotes from $1100-1250? If you have a few 3-4, then I imagine the price is correct.

I own a window company in Michigan. Your problem is the fact that your doing 1 window at the busiest time of year. If you do more windows your cost per window will go down and you will get more competitive quotes.

It takes just as much time to sell 1 Window as it does 10. Same amount of paperwork. Installer has to come out unpack / repack his tools. So there needs to be a minimum labor cost to cover it. Usually it’s around 5 windows or more. In my market the larger companies won’t even come out unless your doing over 5 units.

You could also wait until February when Window company’s are hungry. Or just buy product only and have a handyman install it. Make him responsible for the sizes if you go this route.


I had a 5ft picture window replaced, it was $1000. That was with having 7 other windows replaced at the same time. Total was $4000. All on ground floor.

I just replaced 23 windows in a duplex and total cost was about 5k. I used Jeld Wen windows from Menards and had a friend who is a GC install them at $40 a window.

I pay about $400/w for an energy efficient, double hung, double pane vinyl window with aluminum wrap. 

I am a contractor for the quality of the window, $400/window works for me. I usually recommend this path to my customers as well. I have installed a couple Jeld-qen windows and even their top of the line windows are just garbage compared to these. I habe not seen a decent window at a big box store for a reasonable price. The seals are junk, cheap balances and limited locks, single hung.... 

Picture windows or 2-3 lite sliders are usually $700-$1,000

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