One bedroom , studio or two bedroom

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Hi all ,

So far I have been investing only studio or one bedroom apartment.

And thinking about expending my area to two bedroom .

For those who you have experience. Is better to stick to studio and one bedroom or does two bedroom even three bedroom makes sense to landloards

( BTW I only invest on NYC and NJ in past) I undestand some are doesn't even have one bedroom. But now thinking of expanding to other areas such as Georgia Atalanta and Tampa Florida .

@Liz C. for us to accurately answer your question pick one specific city and then those of us knowledgeable in that market would be able to guide you. For example I do not invest in Atlanta and if i were to tell you I love 4 bedroom homes in the market that I invest that advice would not apply to Atlanta because i do not know that market.

Hi @Eddie T. Tampa Florida and Atlanta Georgia , Arlington Texas :)

@Liz C.

I know the Tampa market well. Feel free to send me a PM if you want any area info

If you get a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom in Arlington, TX you can turn it into a cash cow with STR or corporate rentals. 1 bedrooms/studios can cash flow for about $1000/mo and two bedrooms can cash flow up to $1500/mo - $3000/mo. Arlington is a great area for cash flow.

@Myka Artis , I live in Arlington right now and have been looking to get started with real estate investing. What neighborhoods do you recommend looking into? I'm near the university, but I haven't seen a whole lot of residential areas. Any thoughts?

@Jonathan Westerdale You should look at north Arlington near the university, stadiums, and theme parks. These are hot spots for corporate rentals and STR's. A lot of north Arlington is flooded with condos but if you are able to snag one you are in for a real cash flow treat.

For Atlanta, if you're purchasing in town a studio/ one bed would be highly sought after and highly paid for. Once you leave the Midtown and Downtown areas, it will be more difficult to find tenants/buyers that don't need a MINIMUM of three beds. The great AND not so great thing about Atlanta is that all neighborhoods are in pockets. What doesn't work on one street might be a home run two blocks away. Your best bet would be working with a native to find out the specifics on the exact street you choose. My wife and I are Realtors and Investors in the local market. Gives us a call if needed! 

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