Lawn Care in Portland Duplex

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Hi BP Community,

First time writer, long time listener. I recently acquired my first rental property in Portland. I'm attempting to self-manage remotely as I live in California. It's a duplex that is now fully rented, and I'm struggling with the lawn care aspect of the property. The grass was not getting watered properly, and we finally figured out how to turn on the automated sprinkler. This began to resolve the issue, but then created more.

First, my "lawn care" company just mows the lawn and trims the bushes. They did not want to get involved in helping to resolve the automated sprinklers. And a couple of bushes are now too far gone, and they will not help replace the shrubs. I'm wondering if this is to be expected, or if I need to find a new lawn upkeep company. As this is my first post, is it OK to ask if anyone have recommended lawn care / gardeners for the Portland area? If not, then can someone let me know if this kind of restricted service from a lawn care company is unusual?

Second, I just got the water bill, and it's over $500 for two months! My rent says they tenants pay the water, but the contract is a fixed rate that would equal $240. Are there ways to send the tenants a bill for the overage, or do I just wait for the first year to expire, and adjust the rate up based on the previous 12 months?

Any other guidance on lawn care / gardening via long distance management would be appreciated!



Water bill to water your dying bushes and grass, if I were a tenant I would simply say nope,, that belongs to you so you pay the cost to cover the outdoor stuff. I doubt you'd get a meter separate for just that..and you can't force tenant to pay for that either unless it was disclosed.

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