eviction lawyer in Anchorage AK?

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a reccomendation for a good eviction lawyer in Anchorage AM? just bought a property with an individual camping out in the unit who is not on the lease. Tenants were supposed to move out by the 15th, I showed up and belongings still there. Don't believe it to be the actual former tenants but a friend of theirs. Posted notice, just looking for a good lawyer. Planned on treating it as an abandonment since I have not been able to get in contact with anyone either former tenants or current.


I don't have any names per se.... but I would do is use our great courtview site in Alaska to get a lead(s). 

For example, try searching it under the major property management firms names in Anchorage (like Weidner)... not because we are looking for a management firm or think them the wisest or best managers--but because they have a huge volume of evictions and (the big ones) can afford the best, most experience and efficient firm or person working in this space. 

Click on some recent cases. See who they are using for evictions and see the attorney names working for the management firms. Presto, you have some leads. Even if they will only work for major players, find out who they recommend.Doing some of this will get you a list of the people doing the volume of landlord tenant work in your area.

Best of luck...

Awesome idea. I did just that and already got it setup. Thank you!

I have 2 contacts for you Chris. I have not used either of them but different people I know have. They are both out of Anchorage, AK

1) Ralph Ertz 272-2721

2) Wayne Dawson 360-8492

Thanks Cam! Ill check them out.

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