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I'm dealing with a nightmare tenant! This tenant has been late with rent for the past several months (even later than my five day grace period). Rent was due on the 10th of this month and of course it was late. The following Sunday, which was the last day of the five day grace period, I got a text message asking me what the deal was with the mold in her closet. I called and drove over immediately to see what was going on and found two small places of mold in a closet that backed against the master bath. After investigating I found the moisture was coming from a HOLE in the tub ! Upon further investigation I found water underneath the tile in the neighboring bedroom. She claims she knew the hole was there but didn't think anything of it. I pulled all of the tile immediately and will soon have to replace the tub as well. I cleared the mold immediately. I'm scared to know what type of damage I will find on the floor beneath the tub. In the meantime what do I do about this tenant and unique situation? The rent still hasn't been paid 

Why is this even a question? Eviction.

she is claiming the mold has been making her child sick 😏

Any defects with the property are not an excuse for late rent, legally. Give them you're states equivalent to a five day notice; letting them know that you're serious. Also, if you pay for water and sewages, make sure to monitor the monthly charges. That can be the first indicator that there is a leak somewhere. You can also open a communication channel with future tenants once every month or so specifically reminding them to let you know if they notice anything changing around the bathroom, or water heater. I like to change furnace filters throughout the winter, and I use that as a chance to appraise some of they key danger zones for maintenance issues.

Great advice. I honestly believe it's just a ploy to skip out on rent. Luckily I have a strong lease. Unfortunately it could take 90 days to evict her. That's a loss of 1650 profit on top of the damages they have caused.

You have allowed this to go on for too long. Stop the bleeding and evict.

Do you think they would go for a cash for keys scenario?

Originally posted by @Erin Fuhrmann :

Do you think they would go for a cash for keys scenario?

 What is up with that cash for keys!? I think this practice has to stop altogether! I am not paying anyone to get my property back. This professional tenants are being spoiled with that practice "Oh! Let me live a month for free and BTW, pay me for doing that!"

Nope, not me.

LOL. My mom has the same issue. She's leans a little to the more emotionally driven (think Sonny). But this is all Godfather style "It's business, not personal". Look at it from a money only position. Who cares what happens to these people once you're done with them. What matters is your bottom line. At the end of the year what will have cost you the most money? And treat sunk costs for what they are.

Are you required to give a grace period in Mississippi?

Granted it's too late now, if you already inserted that into your lease. Most people think it's required, but it isn't, like in Ohio.

Lana I did offer to wave the rent and return the deposit if they would leave asap ! They declined! Jeremy it isn't required but I add it to the lease because I charge a late fee and I'm a nice guy I guess lol. I'm very very annoyed at this point. I just need to figure out the best way to get rid of them ! All of my other tenants have been great 😭

Erin she has two small children or else she would be on the street already !! I know I'm being soft and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do the same for me. 

I typed a lease termination leter tonight and I plan to deliver it over the weekend. Hopefully they comply.

How much does the eviction cost? Make it clear to them that you will be getting an eviction, that you will be awarded an eviction, and that that will kill their chances of future rental opportunities. Then start the conversation back up with them... determine what amount of money will make it worth your while and offer it. Only bother just the once and make it clear that there is no room for negotiations. Give them a 24 hour period to think about it, and then send them a text or call letting them know that their time's up. Give it an hour grace time for them to come up with an emergency friend's house to move the basics into, otherwise follow through with the eviction. It might suck, but you need to develop a reputation for sticking by what you say. Also do everything you can to have your clean out team ready to go as soon as the sheriff is ready.

If you're concerned about her being on the streets as opposed to her living there without paying, you should rethink why your a landlord. This is a business and its not your fault rent isn't being paid.

Take your business seriously or else you won't be in business long. I know its harsh to say when she has two small children but she is doing it to herself.

Also, don't feel bad that you're hesitant to kick out two children. That, in my mind makes you someone worth talking to. But in the 20 years experience with my dad's rentals and my own, I've noticed that they always end up somewhere. You can't support them forever, and the sooner the next stage of their life starts, the better. Maybe that will be what gets them to start taking money more seriously, or maybe they'll be assigned a payee. What I do know is that delaying the inevitable doesn't help anyone. I do always make a point to present my best behavior in front of children, in the hopes that they will learn that landlords aren't the enemy.

If you ever run for political office, let it be known that some scumbag journalist will bring up the incident of how you evicted a single mom with two kids. 



Erin the eviction is only 75$. I've never had to do one myself but I went through one while working for my cousin and it was BRUTAL! We boarded the apartment up with their entire family outside of it watching. By the time we finished there were at least 30 people gathered and yelling at us. 

Jeremy she isn't single lol her dead beat baby daddy is there on and off. That's also a lease violation that I've brought to her attention. 

Here is another big point to my question. Should I make the repairs needed while she is there not paying rent ? My thoughts are that I'd be making the house more comfortable for her to live in while I get screwed ! Currently she can't use the master bath and the tile has been removed from the master bedroom because the wood floor underneath was wet.

my plan of action is to terminate our lease agreement immediately. There is a damage clause that allows me to do so. Giving them 10 days to move. After the ten days I will file for eviction. 

Question did you do a back ground check, I do 3 party  , call last landlord, among other data .

You need to download your state landlord laws so you know how to address your non- payment and eviction action timeline..

Second you need to repair the apartment ASAP and even if she has not paid.. You will probably be required to give an adjustment in rent for any days the apartment has been down for repairs, or partial adjustment.. is there a second bathroom..

I'd get in do the work, give her a pay or quit the day you start working and let her know you will give an adjustment towards rent once you receive payment. until then you are going to proceed with the work and the court date.

Take photos of your work progress and if she for any reason barrs you from entering file eviction that day.  MAKE SURE you leave a note to tenant you will start work and every day leave a note you will return to work so she's notified your entering for repairs.

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