does the law required to have blinds​ for rental?

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I have a rental property SFH in CA, does the law required to have blinds for rental?

California does not require them by law, but your HOA might, if you have one.


But do you want your tenants putting holes in walls or trim to hang blinds? or worse yet, hang sheets as blinds ?

Yeah, nothing says "high class" like a sketchy set of Spider Man sheets tacked up over the front windows. 

I'd spend a few bucks and pick up some cheap blinds from your preferred store. It makes the house more appealing, IMO.

I don't know of any requirement in any setting but I always provide them. As others have said, I don't want tenants ruining the walls or hanging blankets in the windows.

I'd suggest not only blinds (many landlords use those inexpensive ones most big box stores carry) but I also put up curtain rods (again, not very expensive).  That way if tenants decide they do want curtains they are not standing on wobbly chairs nailing holes in your walls or the window frames because they don't have the common sense to purchase their own rods.

I have, in the past, even used curtains when showing a house; I usually get these from the local Family Dollar, Dollar General, General Dollar, etc..    Sometimes the tenants will take the curtains when they leave (and the rods because they don't actually REMOVE the curtains from the rods but just yank them down) but you can buy replacement rods for a dollar or two.


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