Do I ask for renters insurance.

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Hello everyone I’m BP. As a landlord Should I get all tenants to get renters insurance and if so how do I go about doing that.

Hey Keith,

Yes, renters insurance is a really good thing to require.  I recommend writing it into your lease.  It's cheap too, like $10-15/month and it covers all their belongings and provides them liability insurance, which benefits you.

Well worth it!

They can get the insurance from the same place they get their car insurance.

We do require it for all tenants.  WE check that they are current prior to renewal of all leases. It is a huge benefit to them if something happens to your place and damages their things.  

I do not care if tenants have renters insurance, I do insist they have liability insurance (1M). They are required to show me proof annually that it is kept up.

I have a A multiunit property I endorse the tenants with the purchase of the property. So do I send them a letter asking for them to get renters insurance Or do I have to wait until their lease expires.


It is generally very difficult to impose additional requirements in the middle of a contract (lease). I would wait until renewal. Also, you have to look at your tenant base and what they can afford. In 'C' properties in 'C' areas, the $200 / Y may simply be something that does not fit especially for something that is not 'tangible' (which is they way most people feel about insurance).


@Keith Torres For all practical purposes, Renters insurance is required by most insurance carriers.  Writing it into the lease is how it's done.

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