Looking for advice on obtaining a lease agreement for Florida

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Hello BP.  I just landed my first deal a few months ago.  Bought a duplex in Florida, actually my first real estate purchase ever.  With the purchase of the property I inherited tenants and the previous owners lease.  Renewal time is coming soon and I was seeing what peoples opinions are on obtaining a new lease agreement.  The lease I took over was done by a lawyer (name a number is on every page) so I was considering just scanning it then editing it.  Or if I got a new one does it have to be state specific?  I am trying to save some money as I know a lawyer would not be cheap but I will use one if necessary.  Can anyone possibly send me a blank one?  Please help any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Paul! If you search online you can get one for free (multifamily for the state of Florida). Some of them are editable too!

Good luck!


@Paul Tibok I can send you a blank one I use here in Jacksonville. Hit me up on my profile. Thanks, Jack 

Thanks a lot guys, just want to make sure I dot my "i's" and cross my "t's" if you know what I mean.  

Use the FAR lease. It covers everything.

  Thanks ill check it out

I would use an attorney prepared lease over the FAR lease. I can refer you to a Florida attorney that offers a great lease and charges a nominal fee to prepare, shoot me a private message for contact info. 

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