Louisville Ky meetup for buy and hold investors?

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Hello. My name is Mike and I am a buy and hold investor that currently has 20 units. I have read on here about meetups here locally and I know that KREIA has a large meetup. But are there any meet ups in the Louisville area that are specifically for by and hold investors with multifamily properties? 

Or, are there members here locally that would be interested in starting a meetup specifically geared toward rental management and buy and hold investing? 

It would be nice to find or have a small group of a dozen or less to network with and share knowledge and resources with.

OK. Between the replies here as well as the private messages, we have interest from anywhere between five to eight. 

What times, dates and areas work for everyone? personally I have a full time job so an evening works well for me and I am centrally located so any area works as well. The Highlands area has been a suggestion so far.

Bumping this thread back up. I have been busy with an acquisition but still would like to begin a small group meetup for buy and hold investors here is Louisville.

Maybe once every couple of weeks, somewhere central so folks from across the river or neighboring counties can join if they wish.

If you are interested and know of a place that everyone would be comfortable to meet please reply.

I am suggesting a weekday evening around 6:00 somewhere around new lu or the highlands where they have cold beverages.

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