Renter's Insurance-Amount of Coverage

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Renters have insurance for their property not yours. Your insurance is for the property ( house and land). If renters damage your property, they are responsible for repairs. This can be tricky at times. We had a renter break a water line under the sink. They said it just broke while they were at a movie. It flooded a very nice wood floor. Our insurance covered it, but we were pretty sure they broke the pipe as it was bent at almost a right angle.

Talk to your insurance agent about coverage. It pays to shop around for good rates. Keep in mind that the cheapest insurance may not be the best at paying off.

Good luck!

As stated (@Guy Yoes ) renters insurance is to cover the replacement or tenant property not the landlord.

However as the landlord you should require tenants to have liability insurance in the event they or a guest is injured on your property.

I require my tenants to have a minimum 1M liability coverage. I do not care if they have conventional tenant insurance.