How much extra do you charge for pets?

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If you allow pets in your rentals, and your state allows you to asses an extra pet rent amount... how much do you charge?

We allow up to 2 animals, and all dogs must be licensed and releases signed so that we can contact vet to get shot records and such.  Also we have to meet the dogs as well.

We charge an extra $250-350 per animal (depending on size and area of rental).
Cats and Small dogs (lt 15 lbs) = +$25 / month
Medium dogs (15 - 25 lbs) = +$30 / month
Large dogs (gt 25 lbs) = +$35 / month

So... what do you charge and why?  Do you find larger or smaller dogs to be better on your properties?

I allowed pets in one rental. I charged a $250 non-refundable deposit and $75 per month

65% of the renters out there have pets so I allow them. I charge an extra $25 per pet up to 2. Plus a $275 per pet security deposit. Pets up to 25 pounds.

$300-$350 non refundable pet deposit. $25/mo per pet. People do not even flinch at the non refundable deposit from what I've seen.

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I only allow up to two dogs.
They must be an approved breed (not on my insurance companies blacklist) and provide documentation showing breed, up to date on shots, and licensed.
I charge $300 per dog as a non refundable pet fee and $25 per month pet rent, pet dog.

how do you go about shot record verification and license verification? Just accept the paperwork, or do you get the paperwork from the vet itself. More red tape, but ensures authenticity.

Not sure how other states do it but in Nebraska you are only allowed to charge an extra deposit of 1/4 of the monthly rent for pets, so that is what I typically charge for the deposit. Then will usually charge between $25 and $50 a month for the pet.

Haven't heard of verifying the pets licenses and releases, do you just have the applicant provide the forms with the normal application packet?

That is correct about the pet deposit. That’s why I charge a pet fee. This is non refundable and doesn’t need to adhere to the 1/4 of rent pet deposit rule.

I get paperwork straight from their vet. One of the reasons for this is so I can have documentation saying the breed. Many people will say they have a mix ......(lab, or boxer, etc. ), when in fact their dog is mostly pit bull or something similar. They do this cause they know many landlords won’t allow these breeds. I know that my insurance would probably drop me if an incident occurred with one of their blacklist breeds. I have been told this by them so I am cautious.

@Charles Patterson ,

We do low income homes,  and our pet fee is a lot lower-- $100/non refundable fee, and $10/month with breed restrictions from our insurance.     We only allow pets if there is a fenced in yard, mainly because we know people won't take them out as much, especially in extreme cold or hot weather.    I think as far as damage goes, it's 100% on the owner-- regardless of size.     We also only do ceramic wood-looking floors, so accidents aren't an issue.  I will say, regardless of the value of the house-- dogs are dogs, and dogs have accidents, and dogs chew stuff when they get bored!

I will say, with smaller dogs, tenants will use the pee-pads, and I don't think I've ever seen  a dog be 100%, and if they use pee-pads, I'd expect the whole house to be subject to dog pee, so just be weary of that with small dogs, and expect to replace carpet at move out.      People don't do that with large dogs, so IMO it's less likely of a problem.     One thing I'd suggest, is put in your contract the cost of scrapping of doors/window trim/walls, because when people are irresponsible, their dogs get anxiety and stuff like that happens. 

I charged $25.00 a month per pet.  (2 pet maximum)  plus a $250.00 non-refundable pet deposit.  Now in Michigan any type of a "Deposit" has to be included in the Landlord/tenant requirements of that state.  Our Security Deposit is one month and a half.  This would include a pet deposit.  In order to keep a "deposit", one would need to call it a non-refundable cleaning deposit or non-refundable pet deposit.  But check your state laws because every state has their own view on things. 

Nancy Neville

Make sure you have it stipulated as well in your lease agreement.

Nancy Neville

@Linda D.

You had some excellent points that I have never considered.  It is one plus side to the larger dog is that people tend to not use the pee-pads with them.  The pads never even crossed my mind.

All of our rentals we try to use some type of hard surfaced flooring as well.  That way when there are accidents of any type it lasts longer.

@Nancy Neville
Until this forum post I never really realized just how much the laws on pet deposits, rents, and/or fees change by state.  And how calling it one thing or another mattered so much based on the law of that state.  Been a real eye opener there.

Charles that is what this site is all about.  I have to give Bigger Pockets a lot of credit for designing this site.  They started a long time ago as a very small webpage, and now look at them.  They are all grown up.  LOL

Nancy Neville

I need to correct the wording:  I meant to say a non-refundable pet FEE not Deposit.  the word "Fee" means all the difference.  Therefore,  Non-refundable carpet cleaning fee, Non-refundable Pet FEE.  Any time you use the word "Deposit"  it is part of the Security Deposit, not in addition to the Security Deposit.  

Thanks Charles, it made me re-read my post and glad I did so that everyone knows that you don't call it a "Deposit" but a "FEE".

Nancy Neville

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