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OMG, this is so messed up! I had to evict tenants once that came with a property purchase after a year and a half of trying to really work with them, even bending over backwards to try to accommodate them, but eventually just knowing that this was not going to work and they were in turn destroying my property and pushing back on every policy. I really hate inheriting tenants as one can never be you sure of what you are getting. During the eviction process, I stayed away for the most part, dealing with them only through my attorney to avoid saying or doing anything that would nullify the eviction. I think it is important too, to remember that at that time (eviction) emotions are high so best to distance yourself. I truly feel so bad for this poor lady and hope that this man is severely punished for this kind of behavior. 

Have you ever had to evict tenants and if so what did you do, both to protect yourself from a safety standpoint and to avoid messing up on the evictions process?


WE did have to evict a tenant.

First thing : we hired an attorney who focuses solely on evictions. This way everything was done right and in a timely manner. In CALIF, everything is very tenant friendly, so we had to jump through a lot of hoops.  It took about 2 months for us to get the final court date.  At that point, they finally wanted to negotiate to stay.

Whoops, only if they paid all the back rent, i told them.

But if they got out by the end of the week prior to the court date, I would not pursue them for the late rent, providede they removed all trash and belongings.  They did! and the place was great.  We bought it at auction and it was the prior owner who refused to leave or pay rent. 

How about this one:


You bump off your landlord and then live with the dead body for two weeks (!?!)

On the other hand, if you do a "google" search all sorts of issues of landlords killing tenants will pop up.

When I do an eviction I have NO contact with the tenant once this has been initiated.  NADA.   I wait for our local law enforcement to be present to oversee the actual eviction.


@Christine Kankowski , yes my process took about the same time, during which time per eviction guidelines am not collecting any rents that they had piled on another tenant, unauthorized ofcourse, :(!Wait, did I read that right, “it was the prior owner who refused to leave or pay rent?!OMG!

OMG, @Gail K. that there is scary and makes you wonder what world we live in.I agree with you on the NO Contact.Hard when living on property, but I managed to do it, come and go without engaging.

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