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Hello all,

Just purchased a SFH that was an REO. The owners were hoarders and have lived there since it was built in 76’! Had a company come out and said they couldn’t even do it. Any experience in cleaning out 3600sf of trash inside plus property? It’s rancid but the House is worth it. Experience and cost would be greatly appreciated!

I had an 1800 SF house, not a hoarder place but had furniture, clothes and such. I sold some of the furniture and then got a quote to remove the rest. It was roughly $3500. I ended up filling 2 30 yard dumpsters for $525 each plus my time (a solid week for the stuff alone). If your saying 3600 SF plus a yard, you probably have more than $10k.

we did 3 last year.. all of them so bad the house had to be demo'd as well.

the one in Lake Oswego we took 300,000 lbs of stuff to the dump.. and that was after we let the metal scroungers and other scroungers come through and take whatever they wanted.

So first thing put ad out that everything goes and its free. you would be surprised at what other hoarders will think is of value..

then get bids from haul off companies..

in our area lead paint and asbestos's are real issues.. and must be mitigated prior to hauling to the dump.

cost in these extreme Hoarder houses low of 15k the one in Lake O was 60k.. but that included the house.. so 40k just for trash removal.

Or if your on a budget or cost conscience and have the time.. just order your own dumpsters.. go the day labor places.. ( our area its home depot parking lot) pick up day laborers and have at it.

BE CAREFUL! This house could have a pest infestation. Trust me. You do not know if there are fleas until you get into your car at the end of the day and feel something biting at your ankles...

Worst case scenario you can rent a dumpster and a truck. All trash goes in the dumpster. Metal goes into the back of the truck for scraping at your local recycling center for a little cash.

Sort. Sort. Sort. Trash, metal, valuables that can be sold, hazardous waste (motor oil, weed killer, paint, etc.)

We had one earlier this year.  First thing we did was advertise free stuff and people came and took stuff that I thought was junk but they wanted it.  Next we had a few companies give us quotes to clean it out.  We ended up hiring a few guys and six 30 yard dumpsters.  They wanted all the metal for scrap and they would fill the dumpsters with the rest.  We then had an exterminator come out and take care of any pest issues.  We didn't see any but there were signs of rodents. 

I wholesaled a decent hoarder house this year. It had been abandoned for 5 years.  It had every issue.  Abandoned, Hoarder, squatters, Tax liens, City liens, probate, out of state owner, multiple family members in different states that were dealing with signing, none which used email. The plumbing was taken out of it, roof caved in, windows boarded,etc.  We never saw the floor of the place when we got in.

It was only a little over 1100ft and I think I was all in cost for about 2500. We called the city for the 40 yard dumpsters. They new exactly the house we were dealing with.  They wanted it cleaned so bad. I tried to get the woman at the city to give us the dumpsters, but they still charged us.  The neighbors were bringing us fresh baked cookies and drinks, lol.   Everyone in the neighborhood stopped by at least once to see if we were cleaning it up and say how grateful they were that the house would finally be remodeled.

We rented a tractor from an equipment rental place and hired 5 day laborers for a few days at $100 per day each, so $500 per day. We bought the masks, suits, gloves, shovels, bags, tarps, water, food, and anything else we needed. We placed all furniture out on the curb and listed it on Craigslist. People picked it all up even though we thought it would probably go in the dumpster.

The day laborers and my partner used wheel barrows and snow shovels to push debris out the windows, front door, and into the garage. The tractor scooped everything up from the garage and front and dumped into the dumpsters.

There was no lead, mold, or asbestos, so we didn't have the issues some others faced.

While under contract, someone broke in through our last good window, lol. I bet they were surprised once inside. Then we got a call from the neighbor saying someone was sleeping on the roof one night and the neighbor called the police. Another time the neighbor called us one day saying that someone had a fsbo sign in the yard and was selling the house for 30000. The guy had broken in the front door and he was showing it to prospective buyers even though he didn't have any interest in the property. We boarded up every entrance and the police had to start patrolling the house until we sold it. This was a good B neighborhood. It was by no means a bad neighborhood. 

The bottom two pictures are the before and after of the same room.

These two pictures are of the same room, before and after.  The mirror is placed in the same area in both pictures.

Originally posted by @Josh Reborchick :

Hello all,

Just purchased a SFH that was an REO. The owners were hoarders and have lived there since it was built in 76'! Had a company come out and said they couldn't even do it. Any experience in cleaning out 3600sf of trash inside plus property? It's rancid but the House is worth it. Experience and cost would be greatly appreciated!

 Keep calling companies until one takes the job. They typically charge per yard of trash.

Squatter FSBO that’s hilarious. That’s a go getter attitude if I ever saw one.

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