sump pumps, should i buy a house that needs it?

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i am looking to buy a 2 unit house, and i really like one of the properties but there is one thing that worries me, and that thing is a sump pump. The sump pump was installed in 2011 because the owners had the basement flooded back then.

so i am worried because before i used to work for a restoration company and most of the work i had to do was cleaning basements because the sump pump clogged or failed, so my question here is, should i buy a property that needs a sump pump? or should i just let it go? thanks.

PD: they said the installation and the actual the sump pump costed 9k also has a back up battery.

I wouldnt have a house without a sump pump .  Around here there are very few slab houses , so sump pumps are required .  There are 2 types of basements , ones that have flooded , and ones that havent flooded yet .

Sump pumps are not a big deal and a lot of basements take on at least a little water, especially during downpours. I wouldn't let that scare you away. Of course, if the foundation is bad or it has major water problems, that's another matter.

You can get an alarm so if the pump fails, you are notified and address it before any significant flooding occurs. 

It depends where it's at. If it's a flood plain it might be a problem. Mostly they're fine though. You can put an alarm on them these days if your worried.

@Wilder Osorio a $9000 installation sounds like it has a system in place, not just a small Home Depot Sump Pump. A lot of these companies offer lifetime warranties on the basement waterproofing systems (drains around the perimeter and then the sump pump). It might be worth getting more information on who installed it and if there is a warranty.

A pump system is like an insurance policy. 

I like having insurance.

I like the post above that mentioned the 2 types of basements.

Originally posted by @Max T. :

I like the post above that mentioned the 2 types of basements.

I just tweeted that comment! 

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