Appfolio from Quickbooks Transition

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experience with transitioning from using Quickbooks to Appfolio for their property management program? Are you happy with your choice? 

We are about 1-2 months in with using Appfolio, and the accounting side is not the greatest compare to QB. Specifically, I'd like to hear how you deal with memorized transactions or journal entries, since in Appfolio it is quite a process. Any insight on Appfolio is appreciated!


I am going to share from the other side of the fence. 

Property management software usually are the best to handle back office and owners statements. They are not robust in accounting. Clients end up doing double entry in the pm software and an accounting software.

When you start using any software even QuickBooks or Excel there is a learning curve. 

I am not saying property management software are bad. They are good, and it all depends on your goals. 

I would suggest hire a professional in Appfolio to train you and hire someone else to do the data entry.

My question to you is why did you switch to Appfolio? If that goal is being reached then, all you need to do is manage and streamline the accounting side in QuickBooks.

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