Evicting Tenant in NV (Live!)

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Unfortunately, may have to start eviction process on my upgraded rental units in Las Vegas. All was well until the couple (both signed lease contract) had a fall-out and the one still living there can no longer cover the other half. The one who left stopped supporting the remaining tenant. I have been very generous and accommodating with complaints/fixes for this tenant from Day 1. All documented in emails. I was also flexible with rent payment delays for 3 consecutive months with a 5 day grace period. Now I’m tired of it and we are beyond the 5-day grace period. Eviction service team is posting the 5-Day Pay or Quit today. Will keep ya’ll posted.


Tenant submitted full payment, with all Late Fees and 5-Day Pay or Quit Fee. My guess is this tenant won’t be sticking around much longer.

Very happy to avoid an eviction during this time of year! Happy holidays all!