Evicting Tenant in NV (Live!)

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Unfortunately, may have to start eviction process on my upgraded rental units in Las Vegas. All was well until the couple (both signed lease contract) had a fall-out and the one still living there can no longer cover the other half. The one who left stopped supporting the remaining tenant. I have been very generous and accommodating with complaints/fixes for this tenant from Day 1. All documented in emails. I was also flexible with rent payment delays for 3 consecutive months with a 5 day grace period. Now I’m tired of it and we are beyond the 5-day grace period. Eviction service team is posting the 5-Day Pay or Quit today. Will keep ya’ll posted.

Please share your eviction service team. Need for reference for a condo my mom owns in Las Vegas.

Went with Southern Nevada Eviction. They seem to know their stuff. Notice was posted on door yesterday. Drove by the unit and verified.

Will report back...


Tenant submitted full payment, with all Late Fees and 5-Day Pay or Quit Fee. My guess is this tenant won’t be sticking around much longer.

Very happy to avoid an eviction during this time of year! Happy holidays all!

@Aaron Hunt That’s great news. Mine worked out too. This time of year stretches people thin. Hopefully it was a one off situation. 

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