Single Family to Multifamily Zoning Permit

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I am located in Vancouver, WAS and am looking to purchase a single family home (R1-7.5). This home has a basement which already has a kitchenette and bathroom. I would like to permit this for multi-family. I have contacted to county to better understand the requirements and if this is an option. Has anyone had any experience or difficulties doing this type of thing in Clark County?

Mikaela Hall I am a contractor in Battle Ground and we deal with Clark County almost on a daily basis. Have not did what you are planning to do but A bit of advice I can give you is have all of your information/specifics ironed out BEFORE you go to the county. They can be a pain to deal with sometimes and if they find a mistake on your paperwork they give it back without looking over the rest of it. Seem kind of weird to me since they are just creating more work for themselves. This can cause your schedule to be blow to pieces as well. We just grit our teeth, smile and try to do as they ask. I wish you the best luck with your endeavors and let me know if I can help in any way.

Hey Austin,

So I was looking into a potential place to purchase so did not submit to the county, but according to the land use zoning converting to a duplex was explicitly restricted. I am, however, going to permit the basement an ADU, but don't close until the middle of the month will update you on the ADU process as is progresses.

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