What questions to ask Tenant when visiting

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Hello everyone. I owned a rental property out of state (stone mountain, GA), but bought it sight unseen. I am visiting Atlanta for business and will sneak out to visit the property during lunch break. The property manager arranged it so that I’ll go there by myself when the tenant is there to greet me. What questions should I ask the tenant to maximize the knowledge gain from this visit? Thank you very much!

It’s a new tenant that we screened and has been there about two months.  Things are going smoothly so far.

I would asked them how they felt about the PM. Are their concerns addressed in a timely manner? What would they like to see improved? Are there any issues that they feel need to be addressed? You want to let them know that you are there to make sure they are satisfied with your product and service and look for constructive feedback from them.

Just be straight forward with the tenant. From my experience shooting straight will typically get a straight answer. You can always follow up with your PM, to determine the accuracy of the tenant's statements. Enjoy your visit to GA

Open ended questions. How' s it going with PM? How are you finding the property? Listen and focus them if needed. If they mention a negative or positive ask for a specific example.

Hey @Stephen Kunen ! It may be too late, but I would urge you not to have the PM present you as "The Owner." Not only would it completely skew any data you might get from the tenant, but it might create an unwanted back channel around your PM.

You could choose to be part of the "Quality Team." You could be an "inspector for the client." Just be anything but "The Owner," because no good will come of it.

That said, here's what I'd ask:

  • "What do you like most about living here?"
  • "Have you had any repair or maintenance issues yet? If so, how did that go?"
  • "What's the one thing you'd change, if you could, about living here?"
  • "Does management ever reach out to you just to check in?"

Also, I'd be sure to listen well and actively.

Good luck!

Thank you @Eunice L. @Jason D. @Brad McCance @Colleen F. and @Mitch Messer . The visit went very well, despite the fact that the property manager already told the tenant that I was the owner. She was very friendly and seemed happy living there. That's more important than anything else. Thanks again everyone and happy holidays!

I don't see anything wrong with meeting them. I would ask if they are happy. I would ask if any repairs are needed and if the PM responded timely. This also gives you a chance to see what kind of tenants they are and if they keep the place neat and if they are doing anything wrong such as smoking, parking on the lawn, etc. Make sure they understand that if they have problems with the PM to let you know via email.