Insurance for a Four Unit Apartment Building in Washington, DC

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Hello Bigger Pockets,

We recently acquired a four unit multifamily apartment building in Washington, DC.  We're looking for **recommendations** on good insurance companies for four units in Washington, DC...anyone have a recommendation? 

Hi Leonard,

I use Cliff Huang from Georgetown Insurance for all my rentals. He is a broker and can shop the rate at different companies. 

If you plan on being an investor, or a business owner in the future, search around for a good insurance agent. What they can do for you is invaluable in the long run.

I wrote a reply recently to a post pointing out the need of a good insurance agent vs an ignorant one or going directly to an insurance company. See Using insurance agents

I am not from your area and can't recommend any agents. Jason above has one and at least that's a start.

Rust insurance located in dc. Good independent firm. I can email my agent anytime with questions.

LaTracia Gaddy Lightfoot

GST Financial Service Inc (an Exclusive Allstate Agency)

Executive Account Manager

Multifamily & Builders Risk for Renovation Projects

Try Bill Barker at Liberty Mutual. Tons of knowledge and experience. PMing you

As I was..can’t PM you..

Feel free to reach out for an intro!

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