Snow Shoveling & Lawn Care

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I have a large portfolio in Rochester, NY.  I am looking for recommendations for managing Snow plowing & shoveling and lawn care across the portfolio.  Would be great to partner with someone who can handle both.  But open to suggestions for each service individually.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  

Where I am it costs so much to have lawn care and plowing that it was worth it for me to purchase a lawn tractor and an atv with a snow plow and then pay my handyman take provide this service.

@L. Matthew Perry he is a business acquaintance but I know he runs a very organized business with reasonable prices.   But No I have not used his services.  Check out his reviews online, they are very good.

Originally posted by @L. Matthew Perry :

Thanks for the feedback @Jill F.   @Thaddeus D. I have 54 buildings of varying size.    But would be looking for service at 39 of them.  How do you guys handle the walkways?

Split the work between 2 or 3  outfits , that way you have relationships , and if you have a problem with one , you can just call another that you deal with 

I would suggest for 2-3 family residences tenants do their own walkways or make that stipulated in the lease to hedge your risk.

We plow the driveways.

If they are larger than 3 family then I might contract walkways out with the plowing.

Agreed it’s good to split the work if possible.

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