Which tenant screening service puts the landlord in control?

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Most tenant screening software that I have used puts the onus on the tenant to enter their persona information such as SSN and DL number into the software. I just provide the software with an email and the prospective tenant gets an email where they enter all this information and the software then sends me a report.

Is there any software which lets me as the landlord enter all this information on behalf of the tenant? I have found that some people are not comfortable giving their information to a 3rd party website, but they do give it to me.

Yes, I use Residentresearch.com 

Tenant fills out an application and you key in the information.

Tenantbackgroundsearch is a company that lets you enter the data and then gets permission from the tenant to run the screen.  I have had good luck with them.  I agree with you - I always thought a system that relies on correct data input from applicants to screen them was inherently flawed.

We ran into issues with our low income applicants not even being able to get to the website.  We have such dealt with companies who have us fax or scan the application to them and they provide us a report.  We don't get the credit score, but they give us a fitness score and plenty of info from the credit report.  We currently use the service that is provided through our state level landlord association, you may want to look to see if you have a similar option.  www.aaacredit.net has also been good for us.

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