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Hey guys! I need a bit of advice. I bought two houses right next to each other in Springdale Arkansas. Immediately got two tenants in the houses and everything was fine until I never received first months rent from one of the tenants. I reached out to her and she gave me the usual excuses then started ignoring me. After about 3 weeks i had to formally evict her. Did I mention I live in Dallas? So having to evict someone from 5 hours away hasn't been the easiest. Anyways we formally served her a notice of eviction yesterday.. She has 5 days to move out. I am worried about here trashing the place. Is there anything that I can do to make sure she doesn't ruin the place?

First, at lease signing the tenant hands over one full months rent plus the full security deposit in cash and you hand over the keys.  No checks.  No "I'll work with you".  No proration for mid-month move in.  One full month and the full security deposit in cash.  Prorate the next month if they move in mid-month.

There is nothing you can do to prevent them trashing the place.  Assume they will leave a mess, since they will assume they're getting nothing back from their deposit.

If you've just posted notice you're just getting started on the process.  Are you using a local attorney?  If not, I recommend you do.  Any errors in the process often result in you staring from scratch.

Thanks Jon. I fully recognize I messed up not collecting first months rent at the very beginning. Learning experience to say the least. I posted the notice about a month ago and my local attorney filed everything with he court 2 weeks ago. She got served last night and apparently has 5 days from now to leave premises.

Aw Ben I feel for you. Learning is costly but you're going to be OK. I've been in your shoes. Hang in there!

Why do you assume the tenant will do damage. Even if she does you have your move in/inspection pictures and once she moves out you check the unit, if there is damage you take her to small claims court. It is just part of doing business.

Make sure you are present to do the inspection as soon as she is out.

Hello Ben, I just read your post. I’m a realtor/ property manager in Springdale. At this point, you’re on the right track to get them out of the property. Of course, if they don’t move out your attorney will most likely file for a Writ of Possession.  It’s really all you can do at this point. It’s a waiting game until you legally gain possession again. This business can be challenging at times. I’m sure you are learning more than you want to through this process! Best to have methods & procedures in place to pre-qualify the applicants. And, all monies must be paid prior to move-in. No exceptions.  If I can help answer any questions feel free to PM me. All the best. 

-Kelley Weir

There is nothing you can do to prevent a tenant from trashing the place. To me it seems to be basic to collect first months rent and security deposit before giving a tenant the keys to your home. I would suggest getting educated about managing real estate or hire a property manager before filling the vacancy so that this will be a learning experience for you and you can still become a successful landlord.

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