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Hi Everyone, first time poster here and my guess is, you can tell why by the topic of this discussion.

My longtime tenants, computer engineers, who have stellar credit and no criminal background, were apparently arrested for drug charges. I tried calling the police department, however, they would not provide any information on the case or anything else for that matter. I went on the County's website, which confirmed that both tenants are in custody. My initial thoughts were that they're innocent until proven guilty, and they have NEVER made a late payment. My question is, what should I do next?  Any advice would be appreciated, especially if you've experienced a similar situation.

If rent is not paid February 1st begin the process to evict. Assuming they pay on time if at some point they are convicted you can then evict, or simply ask them to leave. If they are M2M or near end of lease your better option is to simply non renew if allowed under your sate regulations.

Past tenant history is irrelevant beyond temporarily....till February 1st. You make your decisions based on their future actions.  

Hello @Michael Nahm ,

In this case you may want to talk to an attorney. Based on this criteria you mentioned, you can evict the tenant for cause. You must confirm that they are being detained.

Thank you! I should mention that the tenants' lease is up on April 30th and they signed a Drug Free/Crime Free Addendum (I own a condo).

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