Annual Service for emergency HVAC repairs?

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I was wondering if anyone pays an annual premium to an emergency HVAC service company for furnace and HWH repairs?  If so who do you use? I think it would be good to have an emergency repair service on hand 24/7 that a tenant can directly call if there is a need for an emergency repair.



I do not have service contracts with any companies but do have contact numbers for 24 hr repair companies. Service contacts are, over time, far too expensive.

I do not allow tenants to call a contractor. Unfortunately most tenants are not competent enough to be responsible for making decisions and would call contractors out for unnecessary reasons. I would never allow them any decission making powers regarding my properties.Tenants call me and I make the decisions on who is to be called if anyone.

I had HVAC issues after purchasing some of my units, I decided to get a contract. NC prices will be different from NY prices, I pay $250 for each Property. For this service, I got 2 Maintenance visits Per year Typically in Spring (before Summer starts ) and Fall (right after Summer ends). With this service I also got prefer service, although I haven't need to use this service Murphys law after getting this service contract Ive had no HVAC emergencies.

In hindsight I dont plan to renew.. What I've learned new HVAC systems dont need this service contract I try to have my handyman inspect Properties quarterly and filter Inspection is on checklist.

If you're having issues, try to find out how old your system is, I recommend once it reaches 15-20 years consider replacing. There are quick ways to find out age of your system if you dont know, PM me and I'll send you info.

I replaced 2 HVAC systems from my Properties w same HVAC company, I know the owner very well same company I have service contract. I feel with or without the contract I can get the same high service because I'm giving him business and he knows I will be giving him future business. During Inspection process and Inspector finds something questionable I call the same tech for an opinion.

Once you find a good Company I believe you dont need a Service contract, if you give them enough business they will go out of their way to solve your issues especially if they have installed several systems for you. The trick is finding a good company, I have to admit I went thru a couple until finding right one.

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