New Jersey Landlord Forms now Available

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Hi Craig,

Great to hear! Question though. Why are those towns singled out? Are these forms not recommended for other town in the state?

Thank you!

@Lauren C. - No, those are just some of the more popular cities in the state. These forms are good for any town in New Jersey. 

@Craig Curelop  This is great stuff!  Question for you though..  As time goes by and laws change, will there be a plan to update these?  I know that these will be good for some time so I plan on buying and hopefully I don't deter anyone from purchasing these forms, but I'm just curious to see how the updates part will work.  

@Christopher Giannino - Yes - we plan to run these by our lawyers at least once a year to make sure they still adhere to the respective state's laws. 

Is this a one time fee of $99?

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@Michelle Clark , yes, this is a one-time fee. For the first 30 days they are available, the price is $99. After that, the price goes up to $199.

Originally posted by @Craig Curelop :

Do you own property in Paterson, Elizabeth, Trenton, Camden, Newark, or Jersey City, New Jersey? These forms are for you! Check them out 

Thanks Craig! Do you know if these forms are good for North Bergen, Nj; union city and all the surrounding neighborhoods?

@Sol G. , the forms are for the entire state of New Jersey.

I just received a message that Arizona rental forms are available, why I would need these forms is beyond me since I have a real estate license in Arizona and California. I am bothered by the fact that I have been on site since 2008, and you have stripped our profiles to nothing in order to force us into a pro membership. Now profiting from rental forms where the client can get these from a Realtor for free?

@Francisco Garcia Jr - Thank you for remaining loyal to BiggerPockets. I am sorry you feel this way and please allow me to address your concerns. 

These landlord forms have been reviewed by real estate lawyers in each individual state. They are made such that these forms cover the landlord's assets and interests as well as remaining in compliance with the law. While the state forms may ensure compliance, they do not do a good job at covering the landlord's assets. We think this is very important. You may absolutely go ahead and take the free forms given to you in AZ or CA and have an attorney review them for you. It is going to cost you upwards of $1,000+. Rather than put you through that, we are offering the forms to you for just $99 or 10% of the value.

In 2008, Josh was running BiggerPockets by himself without much overhead. Since then, we have hired a team of almost 30 employees who have made drastic improvements to the site and have launched a lot of new features for both pro and non-pro members. In order to continue coming out with good products and enhancing the experience, there are some things we need to charge so BiggerPockets can continue to operate. 

Content and forum interaction will always be free on BiggerPockets! 

@Craig Curelop I don't have to pay $1k+ on the forms that are given to me, as they are reviewed by real estate lawyers. NAR has this thing called "compliance" when we agents help our clients rent, buy or sell. I think you misinformed, because your so called "forms" will never take the place of a real estate agent's advice to an investor. I am curious how these forms cover a landlord assets better than the Arizona Department of Real Estate forms do? As an agent, I advice my buyers, investors, sellers on protecting assets with insurance both homeowners and renters insurance, as I have my insurance license to better service my clients. No forms will ever take place of insurance as well.

If you are confident in the state created Arizona landlord forms, by all means use them. If you don't think that these landlord forms that have been reviewed by an Arizona lawyer with the landlord in mind are valuable, don't buy them. We aren't forcing you to do anything, just making you aware that they are available.

Just because you don't see the value, doesn't mean that the 1 million other users on BiggerPockets don't. 

Good luck! 

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