Renting to Students with Overseas Parents

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Hi All, 

I am in the midst of screening potential tenants for my first rental property. I've been chatting with an applicant through Facebook Marketplace, and he is a Pharmacy intern who says he doesn't get paid right now, but he can show his bank statements that prove his parents send him money for rent every month. His facebook profile checks out, and he graduated from University of Jordan, but I'm curious if any of you have ever rented to a tenant like this, where the parents/potential co-signors are overseas. 

He added "I can pay two months upfront if that makes you more comfortable," and when I asked him how I would be protected if something happened and his parents stopped sending money, all he said is "they won't. I will pay no matter what." All things are pointing towards skipping this one, but I wanted to get BP's opinion. Thanks! 

@Derek Luttrell I would get confirmation of his school enrollment/internship. Get the 2 months upfront and deposit. Do all this in person when you sign the lease. Too much risk if you can't do this in person. 

@John Underwood good point--I did ask for proof of enrollment, which he said he could provide. I'm hosting an "open house" this weekend for everyone who's expressed interest throughout the week, so I'll be able to continue the conversation in person. 

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