Lake County Illinois landlord friendliness and property taxes

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Hi, I am evaluating and visiting a Multi family property in Lake County tomorrow. I am an out of state investor. I am hearing that Illinois laws are far more favorable on tenants and the property taxes are high. Can current investors in Lake County share their experiences and do’s and don’ts. I am good with section 8 tenants and have experience with some in California but does that help in Illinois? I will be hiring a PM for this property, assuming it meets My criteria of condition and location, and of course based on your inputs. Also, how much should I budget for snow removal and landscape? This is a 12-18 property. Thx Ami

I guess everything is subjective. Pretty much every state will looks landlord friendly compare to California. I live in IL Lake County but am looking for properties out of state. Illinois is tenants friendly side and as you mentioned, the property tax is very high.  

find the web site for the Illinois rental property owners association. and then look up member organizations. One is the Lake County Property Owners association.