Acquired 1st Property and Kicked Out Tenant. Ugh

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Good News:  I just closed on my 1st Duplex! WOOO

Bad News: Kicked out inherited tenant on M2M. Feeling pretty ****** as tenant seems like a good guy, very clean, could only give him a few days over the legal minimum notice for Florida.  He seemed more sad about the situation than mad at me.

What I'm asking is is there anyway to help him?  Already told him I'd give him his security deposit when he hands me the keys so no wait, offered to give him my realtor's # for assistance.  Anything further I can do to make this easier on him?  Drove there straight from closing to give him as much notice as possible. Seller didn't want to tell tenants before I closed, understandably.

Writing this out, I think I've got to harden up on this industry ha but he genuinely seemed like a good guy who got caught in the crossfire of ownership changing hands and a short month. Anything else I can do to help or is this just a ****** moment that has to happen?

@Tim Kaminski How much notice did you give him before "kicking him out"?

This can be a tough business but you must keep in mind it is business. Tenants are not permanent and accept that there are times and reasons to need or want to move. They will survive. They are not your problem or your responsibility to assist.

You are correct in believing you need to harden up. You also need to understand tenants could not care less about their landlords. This business is not a two way street and there is no place for emotions in this business or any business.

This is not a ****** moment it is a get tough or get out moment.

I'm confused. If he was a nice guy who was clean and if he paid rent on time - isn't that what we all want in a tenant? As landlords, we must be careful with the power that we have over others.

@Bob B.  I kicked him out due to purchasing the property as an owner occupant.  Lender wanted me in the property asap.

Sorry I didn't explain that clean enough

The other tenant was on a lease until the end of June.  This guy was on a month to month so was the easy solution to get into the property quickly and fulfill lenders requirements.

@Bob B.  I gave him 17 Days notice.  Florida requires 15 days notice for M2M notice for non renewal.  Closing date got pushed back a week and Seller didn't want to disclose the change of ownership.  

I would give him a full 30 days or 47 days instead of 17, IMHO. You can be hard and decent at the same time. 

@Bill Hampton Giving him $150 for moving expenses plus security deposit at the door.  He was very happy to hear this.

I’m curious, what’s the advantage of an owner occupying the property quickly?

@Jerry Hill To me, it was being able to live in the property and start rehabbing onsite.  Not having to make trips to the property and guessing/going by tenant complaints on what needs to be fixed.  I will be able to live onsite and experience everything and have much easier access to the home.

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