Include appliances or not in rental?

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What do you all do? Include all appliances. Or only some and not others. Just searching best practice before I go drop a pretty dime. Thanks! 

I’d say it’s market specific. What’s the competition doing in your area? I provide appliances in my units in Seattle because that is the standard there. I don’t want to be the only investor not providing a certain level of service. Here in LA it’s very common for apartments to come with zero appliances.

I think it all depends on your market..  Here in my market, all rental units are equip with your standard appliances and because this seems to be the norm here, I don't believe that a landlord in my area would be able to get away with not supplying appliances unless there was a steep discount on the price.  What are rental units in your area supplying because I believe that will probably determine what you can and can't do.  

I will say that if you somehow can get away with not providing appliances, that would be a huge savings and increase your bottom line.

We include kitchen appliances but not Washer and Dryers.

We include all appliances, including dishwasher and W/D. Required in our market and price range ($1500+ monthly)

Previous responses are correct that it depends on the market in your area. We include all appliances as a way to get higher rents. The class and finish of your property will dictate what level of appliances you need. A common mistake I see is people put much higher end appliances in than is really justified given the delta in rent you will receive monthly. This is an investment and you need to earn a return on your money.

Thanks guys! I'm in Oceanside, CA. Don't quite know what other landlords do here. But from the sounds of it supplying appliances is the way to go. Just not quite sure about the washer and dryer. I may not include those. Don't know yet. 

would recommend appliances for reason of move in & move out.  Floors , walls get damaged.    If a renter has a washer that leaks a little it's likely to not get fixed by them.  Should be able to rent faster & at higher rate with appliances 

In my market it is a requirement. However, that is. It true everywhere. I would suggest going online and searching for available properties to rent in your area like a tenant would. QqqqSee if those properties advertise having all appliances. Then you will have your answer if having all appliances is a must or an option.

Sorry for the typos above. I accidentally hit post before I finished editing it and now I can’t figure out how to edit it.

I provide appliances as it is standard in my market. I always buy quality used appliances to save 50-75%.

Tenant turn over means appliances are always used after the first tenant so no point in paying top dollar for new..   

If your tenants are coming from apartments they want all appliances, and if they are moving from a house they will likely want to bring at least their washer and dryer if not their refrigerator. I would supply the same appliances that convey with a house purchase. Supplying refrigerators will save your floors and if you have a garage tenants can store theirs there free. Tenants can overload washers so if I supply washer and dry I specify on the lease that they are not breaks you fix it. I actually say the same about refrigerators (but it is negotiable).

@Bradley Coleman get on Zillow and Craigslist and look at rentals being advertised. I believe the reason many units in Los Angeles don’t come with appliances is because the margins are very low and owners try to minimize expenses as much as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oceanside is similar.

I think the quality of tenants goes way up if you include appliances. When refrigerators get moved through the halls by amateurs, your common areas will get trashed. And a gas stove needs a bit more care being hooked up.  That's just my experience. When shopping for appliances, get a warranty and depreciate.

Wow, all appliances with dishwasher and W/D for 1500/mo, lol. i can’t even get an apartment that low, not a 1-bed in a decent neighborhood.
On a rental, maybe just dishwasher, stove, and fridge. The big bulky ones. In SD, most have W/D for +100-200/mo more. They cost about 800-1200 combo anyway.

Your near Camp Pendleton. I would add washer and dryer and try to land a Marine or Sailor. They get paid on the first and the 15th of every month. And if they are late on rent or trash the place you can call his or her unit command.

@Bradley Coleman

It always helps to look at ads for what is available near your rental before you list your property. My suggestion is to look at a few of the most popular places to advertise apartments for rent: craigslist, padmapper, zillow, etc. You can get an idea for what appliances most people include as well as the quality. If everyone is going for all-white used appliances, then you might be better off doing the same. If they all have top-of-the-line stainless steel, then best of luck getting an ROI from that lol.

I can tell you from personal experience that if the local norm is to include appliances and people walk through your unit without anything, they will either ask if appliances will be included (but have a bad impression) or not ask and also not fill out a rental application.  Most people want to see what they are going to get before they commit.  I had ordered appliances for one of my duplexes, but they didn't arrive on time and the units were shown without appliances.  Everyone was told that they would be installed before move-in, but nobody filled out applications.  Once they were delivered, both units were filled the same weekend.  It could have been coincidence, but most likely not!

I also agree with @Thomas S. , get used appliances as they will be used the moment they touch your kitchen floor.  Just be careful when you search for used, you definitely get what you pay for... you can find a fridge and stove set for $300 - $400, but if those appliances break on you soon after, you'll be paying for repairs and more importantly causing your tenant stress and giving them reasons to move out.  Get quality used appliances.

Hi @Bradley Coleman ! I moved to Oceanside last year and most of the rental properties we looked at included washer, dryer and refrigerator as well. I would recommend finding a good used washer/dryer on Craigslist or the Facebook marketplace. This will likely enable you to rent your property more quickly as some have already mentioned. Best of luck to you.

We always provide appliances. We get them cheap and if you ask tenant to supply you risk them getting someone you don't trust to hook them up, or damaging property when they take them in.

A rental with appliances will bring a higher rent. I furnish my rentals with all appliances which helps justify me charging a higher rent. When people realize they are getting a value for their rent, they tend not to mind that your rent is higher than the guy down the street. 

I put good used appliances (range, DW, Frig, MW) in my first 10 or so SFHs. I saved a few thousand $ but it was just to labor intensive to scale. Since the price of stainless has gotten so low, I've used new stainless on my last 6 SFHs.  I love it when a solid prospective tenant does a walk through and the wife/lady sees the appliances.  "You had me at stainless.."  I've found it to be a good spend to hook great long term tenants.

Depends on market. I would include and use stainless steel. They are usually $50-$100 more and depending on market you would be able to get $25-$50 more per month in rent.

Also depends on who is paying utilities.  People get abusive when utilities are included.

In a college area, having completely furnished rooms and renting by the room can have very good success! Make sure to have significant deposits and periodic inspections. Overall it can definitely work especially in a house hack, which is what I do. 

The norm in our market here in CT is to provide a refrigerator and stove at a minimum. Whether we supply a washer/dryer for the tenant depends on the class of rental and the rental amount. Typically around here people expect a washer/dryer to be provided at $1000/mo or more from what I see.

Regardless, we always have a washer/dryer hookup available for each unit should the tenant decide to take advantage.

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