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Hey, Bigger Pockets Community!

I'm a new investor and just recently rented out my first home. I know how important it is to get your tenant to understand that they shouldn't call you for every small issue. I was wanting to get some opinions on how you guys handle NOT being the middleman. Is it as simple as just providing them the numbers of a local plumber, electrician, HVAC company, etc. and just merely having them call those guys first? I like that idea but I also know that a lot of the small stuff that comes up can be easily fixed by me without it paying some guy $300 to do it...

Do not direct tenants to phone tradespeople directly unless you need the points on your cc.

Create a standard “non-emergency maintenance request” form on google forms. Have them submit that. Let them know if they do not hear within 2 business days what the plan of attack is then they can email you directly @ _______.

And add something similar to this clause (I created it after a 3 am “I’m locked out of my digital deadbolt because I’m too drunk to hit the buttons right” call.... use at your own risk): The Tenant covenants and agrees to pay $125.00 for any non-emergency phone calls after 8pm during weekdays and $250.00 for any non-emergency phone calls after 8pm on weekends or holidays.

I would never have a tenant call directly to a contractor or handyman. That is not they’re responsibility unless it’s a certain type of commercial lease or some kind of land contract situation. The calls you don’t want are for broken light bulbs clogged toilets this type of things. They can replace their own lightbulbs and work their own plunger.

Leaking pipes broken HVAC and the like need to be reported to me and I want to have direct interaction with those contractors. Does your tenant know how much a furnace repair should cost? And sense this cost will probably be passed along to you why should they care if the contractor price gouges you? These issues should come up in any particular unit all that often anyway and therefore should not be a burden on your time.

Basically I would want to train them to contact me for repairs that need a professional and as little else as possible. No complaints about neighborhood dogs or the trash collectors coming late or any nonsense like that.

Training my tenants involve only texting me. I dont answer calls and say I am busy please text me. I then text my trades person. This takes very little time.

I also train them to deposit rent into my account and if they dont they get an eviction notice as my 5 day notice is built into my lease. I dont ever chase rent.

This is how I train my tenants.

Awesome!! Thank you guys for your help!

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